How to Juggle

How to Juggle

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How to Juggle

Juggling really is easy when you get the knack of it. Like riding a bike, once your body has understood how to do it, it is a skill that you will never forget. Keep practicing the steps below and don’t be disheartened if you don’t juggle perfectly right away. Even expert jugglers started by dropping a lot of balls.

Juggle With One Ball

Hold the ball in your right hand at about waist level. Throw it in the air so that it travels in an arc whose top is at eye height and catch it in your left hand. Then throw it in an arc to your right hand. Practice until you can throw in the same sized arc every time.

Juggle With Two Balls

Hold a ball in each hand. Throw one ball in your right hand in an arc. When it reaches the top of the arc throws the ball in your left hand. Then catch the fistball with your left hand and the second ball with your right hand. Practice until you can throw in the same sized arc every tine, catch every time, and start with your left hand as well as your right.

Juggle With Three Balls

Start with two balls in your right hand and one on your left. Throw the fistball with your right hand, then throw the second ball with your left hand when the fistball has reached the top of its arc. immediately catch the first ball with your left hand: throw the third ball with your right hand and immediately catch the second ball with the same hand, and so on. Concentrate on throwing rather than catching, as this is the part that is most easily forgotten (you end up holding too many balls).

Common Mistakes

Many novice jugglers find that they throw the ball forward instead of upward, and they keep waking forward to compensate. Stand facing a wall to remind yourself to throw the ball upward and to prevent you from traveling forward.

Keep your hands about waist height; do not bring them up to snatch at the balls—wait for the balls to reach your hands. Always concentrate on throwing in the same even arc at eye level.

If you get stuck, go back a step until you have mastered throwing and catching one or two balls.

Practice over a table or bed and you won’t have to bend down so far to pick up your balls.

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