How to Fold Clothes The key to keeping your clothes easily accessible and looking their best whether in the closet or in the suitcase, is to learn how to fold them correctly. Fabrics In Your Closet It is important to […]

How to Get a Good Haircut There’s nothing worse than stepping into a salon with high expectations only to emerge thirty minutes later fighting the urge to walk straight to the nearest hat shop. A bad haircut will stay with […]

How to Shave The perfect shave should leave the skin feeling smooth and cool, and free from nicks and irritation. If none of the above applies to you, read on and consider changing your shaving habits. Forget electric razors. They […]

How to Reduce Snoring Funny for some, irritating for others, snoring is a nightly source of tension in many households, made all the more frustrating for beleaguered and sleep-deprived partners when their other half seems not only unwilling but also […]

How to Brush Your Teeth The best way to ensure healthy teeth and gums and fresh breath is to brush your teeth routinely. Though this will come as no surprise, careless dental hygiene is very common. When To Brush Ideally, […]

How to Do a CartWheel Whether you want to be a cheerleader, or impress your grandchildren, a cartwheel is a relatively simple, though impressive, gymnastic maneuver. Here are instructions for a right-handed cartwheel. If you are left-handed, simply reverse them. […]

How to Belly Dance Belly dancing is a great way to relax, work off stress, and enjoy yourself while shedding a few pounds. Before You Begin The easiest way to learn is to sign up for a local class. You […]

How to Draw a Horse Drawing a realistic horse need not be a difficult task Creating A Template. Begin by outlining a basic template of the shape of a horse in pencil. Roughly sketch a square that will give you […]

How to Make a Paper Airplane A simple paper airplane is a classic toy that will provide great fun for adults and children alike. Once you have mastered the art of its construction, you can get more ambitious and decorate […]

How to Knit Knitting uses interconnecting loops of wool to make fabric. Getting Started You will need two knitting needles, size 8 (fourteen-inches long), worsted-weight wool, a large-eyed yarn needle, and some scissors. Your first step is to make a […]

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